Yifei Shi's Homepage


CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) Scholarship                           2016

Joint Supervision Scholarship, Chinese Scholarship Council                                                 2016

Graduate Innovation Fund, Hunan Province                                                                  2015-2016
Graduate Innovation Fund, National University of Defense Technology                             2015-2017
Excellent Bachelor Dissertation Award, Hubei Province                                                       2012
Excellent Graduate Students Grants , Wuhan University                                                     2012
Summer School Excellent Reporter, The University of Hong Kong                                        2011
Tianshan Scholarship, Wuhan University                                                                          2011
Comprehensive Excellence Scholarship, Wuhan University                                              2009-2011


Review of SIGGRAPH Asia 2016

Review of Pacific Graphics 2016

Review of Geometric Modeling and Processing 2016

Reveiw of Computer Graphics Forum

Review of Frontiers of Computer Science

Review of Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics

Teaching Assistant of Computer Graphics

Teaching Assistant of Data Structure